Expanding our School Building

At the moment we teach our Kids (3 classes around 80 Kids) in our dininghall. This brings a lot of chaos and the kids can not concentrate of their studies. For that reason we are planing to build three new classrooms and one room for our boardingkids. Currently seven children attend our boarding school whose family background and living conditions are difficult to the point that they are not able to focus on their studies. We often find ourselves replacing their parents as many children are orphans who grow up with their grandparents. Unfortunately our capacity for students is very limited at the moment.

Our Vision:

To realise this project we need around 9000 $. To race this found our idea is to find 150 People who donate 60 $. (no Problem to give more or less :))

Some of the work can be done by us, your donations will enable us to buy construction materials as well as hire local workers to help us. We will post regular updates with the current amount of money donated.

We are greatful for your support and would also like to thank you on behalf of our staff and students.

Donations for our School Building

Please use this PayPal button to donate specifically for the expansion of our school building (the added reference 'school building' helps us to correctly assign the donations)

Donations for our Sponsorship Program

Please use this PayPal button to donate specifically for the sponsorship program (the added reference 'sponsorship' helps us to correctly assign the donations)

Sponsorship Program

We need you!

We are running a sponsorship program for children from from difficult social and economical backgrounds who are not able to attend school due to a lack of money. With your support we can provide a child with education as well as breakfast and lunch at our school - something many of our kids could otherwise not take for granted.

We also accept students at our boarding school who are only able to stay with their families during semester break. Orphans and children who have suffered from domestic violence and neglect can experience comfort and security. With your support of only 1 USD per day (30 USD per month) we can support one child.

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