What we do

Education & Sponsorship

FOSAR Ministry runs a primary school in the Kenyan school system. So far, classes 1 - 7 are represented. The eighth grade has not yet been possible because we did not have enough students to take the final exam. In addition to the seven classes, there are two kindergarten so to say pre-school classes. The children are taught to read, write and do arithmetic before they start school. The total of just over 100 pupils are taught by 11 teachers every day from 8:00 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.

A good education enables children to achieve more than just to survive. With good education, children can have dreams of the future and move forward towards their goal.

For this reason, we also integrate children from socially disadvantaged families into our school. A sponsorship program enables them to go to school and gives them hope and stability. We also accept a few children in our boarding school because they either live a little further away or the circumstances at home do not allow them to concentrate on school. Orphans and children who have experienced domestic violence and neglect experience warmth, security and acceptance.

Find out more about our sponsorship program.

Income Generating Projects

We also have a number of small projects in order to be able to bear our school and boarding school costs ourselves. So we have a cow with two of her calves and about 25 chickens. Our small farm includes a large vegetable garden, a field, banana trees, papaya trees as well as a mango and an avocado tree. We are currently growing fast and tall grass in our field as additional feed for our cows.

Volunteer & Internship

A volunteer assignment at FOSAR Ministry will give you the opportunity to work directly with children, but also to help out on the site with any work that needs to be done. These include e.g. painting, small tasks in the vegetable garden, cooking help for the students ... At school you will teach German language and can be active and creative in sports, art and other subjects.

We look forward to you!

If you are interested in a short private assignment of up to three months, please contact us at +254722645358 (WhatsApp) or by email at friede1@gmx.net

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